How A Social Media Detox Helped Ed Burns Become More Productive

The "Public Morals" creator discusses how disconnecting helped his work.

When it comes to TNT's edgy '60s crime drama "Public Morals," creator, director, writer and star Ed Burns doesn't mess around.

When Burns got started on the new show, which premieres Tuesday, he decided to reduce distractions by disconnecting from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He joined HuffPost Live to discuss how removing himself from the "full-time job" of social media made him a better writer.

"During the writing, I was amazed at how much more productive I was without [social media]," Burns told host Josh Zepps. "I'm writing season two now, but we're also doing press and stuff and I'm also tweeting and doing things for the show. But I know the minute the season is done, I'll delete all that stuff so I can get back to my real job, which should be writing."

Watch Burns discuss his social media detox in the video above, and click here for his full HuffPost Live conversation.

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