Ed Denst, Homeless Former Marine In Los Angeles, Collects Money For Poor

Any extra change could go a long way for Ed Denst, but the homeless 77 year-old former Marine gives whatever he can to help struggling people just like him.

Denst, who’s been living on the streets of Los Angeles for 23 years, recently gave $250 he collected to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Council, according to CBSLA. The organization provides food, shelter and clothing to people in need and his particular donation will be used to help people who need rental or utility assistance.

“I thought about giving back,” the charitable homeless man told CBS. “(It) makes me feel very good.”

While Denst’s donation is certainly inspiring, he’s one of a number of people who don’t have their own roofs over their heads, but still try to find a way to give back to those in need.

After winning a $50,000 lottery jackpot last month, Dennis Mahurin –- a homeless Illinois man who’s been living in a tent for more than two decades –- decided to set aside some cash for a few of his other disadvantaged friends, reported last month.

He gave $100 to each of his close buddies.

“He is a great guy, has an awesome sense of humor,” Sandra Rankin, an employee at the gas station where Mahurin bought the ticket, told ABC. “I care deeply for him and he is a very decent gentleman."



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