Ed Hamilton, Copywriter, Maps Resume To Google Maps (PICTURE)

Ed Hamilton, Copywriter, Maps Resume To Google Maps (PICTURE)

Unemployed workers have been using all kinds of unusual strategies to gain an edge in their job searches, whether donning sandwich boards advertising their skills, passing out resumes on street corners, or posting their accomplishments on photoshopped magazine covers.

A copywriter has come up with a creative way to stand out, while showing off his worldliness and tech skills: he mapped his resume to Google Maps.

Using Google Maps' 'My Maps' feature, Ed Hamilton created a custom map with text posted to personalized placemarkers.

For example, a digital thumbtack over Vietnam highlights Hamilton's work as 'an American GI in a Japanese war film about Vietnam.' He explains, ' Whilst travelling with friends, I was paid 1million Dong (about 80 [GBP] at the time) to run around for 2 days with an M16 machine gun full of blank rounds and fire indiscriminately into the jungle.'

See a screenshot of Hamilton's resume on Google Maps below:

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