Ed Helms Speaking At Cornell Convocation, Bringing 'The Office' Finale To Life

During the series finale of "The Office," Andy Bernard delivered the commencement address at Cornell University. (Heard of it?!) Now that scene is sort of going to become a reality.

Ed Helms, who played Andy, will speak at Senior Convocation on May 24, during Cornell’s 2014 Graduation Weekend, the university announced Wednesday, fully aware of the "life imitating art"

"The bonus is that Ed played a character who went to Cornell, so we feel a real kinship with him," Jennifer Lee, a senior and chair of the students' Senior Convocation Committee, said in a statement. "For all Cornellians, he has a place in our hearts."

Helms actually graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio, and spoke at Knox College's commencement last year. However, on "The Office," his character was a proud Cornellian, constantly boasting about his time at the Ivy League school.

In the finale, Andy Bernard lands a job in Cornell's admissions' office in the finale and declares "I'm exactly where I want to be -- I just got my dream job at Cornell."