Ed Henry Accused Of 'Creating A Thing For Fox' By Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary (VIDEO)

Ed Henry might be finding his new job as White House correspondent for Fox News a little difficult, since he's been called out by Press Secretary Jay Carney for two days in a row.

The first sparring match between the two came on Tuesday, when Henry asked why a so-called "Obama plan" about the debt ceiling had not been officially released to the public.

"I understand that idea that there is not an Obama plan is like point number one on the talking points issued by the Republican Party," Carney said.

"It's not a talking point," Henry said. "That's unfair. Where is the plan?" The two went back and forth for minutes more, with Henry also asking if there would be a "depression" if the debt ceiling was not lifted by August 2nd.

"You should go on the air and tell your viewers there's nothing to worry about," Carney replied.


But the more heated exchange came on Wednesday, when Henry raised the idea of an "Obama plan" again. He asked why such a plan had not been introduced by a Senator and scored by the Congressional Budget Office.

"I know you're creating a thing here for Fox," Carney said testily.

"That's not what I'm doing," Henry said as the rest of the room started murmuring. "And you know better than that."

"Somebody from Fox sat in a room with senior White House officials and got more detail on the President's proposal...than you could name me now that is in any of the proposals by House Republicans, and you know it," Carney fired back.


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