Ed Lover Thinks Athletes Need To Tone Down The Celebrating: Love Of The Game

Ed Lover To NFL Players: Chill With All The Celebrating!

In our weekly "Love Of The Game" series, HuffPost BlackVoices talks sports with a person of note. This week we caught up with radio personality Ed Lover and the former host of "Yo! MTV Raps," who feels that the NFL should enforce rules against athletes celebrating.

"I listen to a lot of sports radio, and there was a discussion going on about how there's too much celebrating in sports now. And I kind of agree. I think that the NFL needs to change the rules a little bit to start issuing some flags for excessive celebrating. Because now you can't watch the game without somebody celebrating too much. They get a sack, they're celebrating. They make a good tackle, they're celebrating. You get in the end zone, there's four guys dancing in the end zone. The quarterback is dancing because he threw the pass that the guy caught. So it's like, 'When do you guys stop being idiots and play the game?' You had DeSean Jackson [the other week], caught a 50 yard pass on the Giants. He took the ball and flicked it at Perry Fewell and then brushed his shoulders off. You didn't even score, and you were celebrating. It's just too damn much now. The athletes just need to calm down."

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