Ed Perlmutter Slaps Ryan Frazier's Hand During Debate, Apologizes (VIDEO)

A heated segment of this weekend's televised debate between between Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter and Republican Ryan Frazier in Colorado briefly turned physical before both candidates defused the situation.

The exchange happened during a question on health care reform. Congressman Perlmutter refuted Frazier's claim that the health care reform legislation passed in March amounted to a "government takeover" of health care. Perlmutter went on to say that tort reform is included as a part of the bill before Frazier interrupted, demanding to know what page of the over-2000-page piece of legislation refers specifically to tort reform.

"What page, Ed?" Frazier asked as he pointed a finger at Perlmutter. When the congressman responded with a section number, rather than a page number, Frazier said "come on, Ed. Be honest," again pointing a finger at Perlmutter.

This time, however, Perlmutter gently slapped away his challenger's hand, to which Frazier responded "Don't hit me man, come on."

"Sorry. Sorry," the congressman said. "You're right. Sorry. You're right." The two then shared a chuckle over the incident.