Ed Rendell, Obama's Secretary of Energy?

Who's a likely bet to be tapped for Barack Obama's cabinet?

Some prognosticators guess that Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell could be Barack Obama's Secretary of Energy:

Ed Rendell was one of Hillary Clinton's key supporters during the Democratic primary, but has since campaigned for Obama. If he delivers his swing state next month, this spot (or another in Obama's Cabinet) could be his for the taking.

Rendell himself mentioned the Secretary of Energy spot as one he'd be interested in taking:

Gov. Ed Rendell said today that while he has no intention of cutting his second term short, he would be interested in a cabinet post later if U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) were president.

Speaking on a TV talk-show on Harrisburg's public access station Thursday night, Rendell spotlighted Secretary of Energy and Secretary of Transportation as two posts he would be particularly interested in filling, The Associated Press reports.

Those positions, he said, would "absolutely" be his first choices if Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, wins the White House in November.