Ed Rollins: Michele Bachmann 'Out Of Money And Ideas,' Can't Expect To Win In Iowa

Ed Rollins, GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's former campaign manager, had some harsh words on Monday for the Minnesota congresswoman.

Speaking to ABC News, Rollins said that Bachmann has little chance of victory in next year's Iowa caucuses and that she is "out of money and ideas." Rollins elaborates in the full story:

"She's still saying the same things she said in the first the debate. There's no substance. She says, 'I'm going to repeal Obamacare.' But she's been saying that from Day 1. I told her: That's your Tea Party speech, now you have to say what you're going to do next."

ABC News reports that Bachmann's campaign did not immediately respond to Rollins' comments.

Rollins stepped down as Bachmann's campaign manager in September, explaining that his departure was due to health reasons. His words on Monday contrast starkly with comments he provided to Fox News a few days after leaving the campaign. Rollins, speaking to Bill O'Reilly, said of Bachmann at the time, "The bottom line here is she's the best candidate in this field." During the interview, Rollins explained that "it's not over yet." He continued, "If she wins Iowa, she's still in this race."

When pressed a few weeks ago about previous criticisms from Rollins, Bachmann joked about the veteran GOP strategist. The New York Times reports:

When it was pointed out that Mr. Rollins has a history of speaking sharply about candidates who once employed him, Mrs. Bachmann offered a tight smile. "I guess I should have done that Google search," she said.

Rollins' comments come on the heels of a Tea Party group's call for Bachmann to drop out of the presidential race. In a blog post last Wednesday, Ned Ryun of American Majority stated, "It's time for Michele Bachmann to go." Ryun cited a variety of reasons for his opinion, specifically blasting Bachmann for claiming to represent the Tea Party. "An individual personality or organization purporting to be a 'leader' of what is truly a grassroots movement can hurt the tea party brand by creating false impressions about its core beliefs," explained Ryun. He concluded, "The Tea Party doesn't have a spokesperson, and it's certainly not Michele Bachmann."

Outside criticism isn't the only thing the Bachmann campaign needs to worry about these days. Ames, IA Patch reports:

On Sunday, during an appearance at the Grace Baptist Church in Marion, the Republican presidential candidate dismissed the significance of Sunday's Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, in which she placed a distant fourth place.

"The poll is a snapshot in time and our poll that we are looking at is January 3," Bachmann said of the Iowa caucus date, while speaking to reporters. "We are doing exactly what we need to do. We're meeting with Iowans all across the state."

After winning the Iowa Straw Poll in August, the Minnesota Congresswoman has slid to the back of the Republican presidential pack. In the Des Moines Register's Poll, only 8 percent of Iowans said Bachmann was their top choice.

Speaking to ABC News, Bachmann further dismissed the results of the Des Moines Register poll, reiterating what she said at Grace Baptist Church. "I'm doing exactly what I need to do in Iowa," said Bachmann. She continued, "We're not worried about the day-to-day snapshots. What we're focused on are the primary dates."



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