Trump Needs To 'Show Empathy' And 'Project Strength,' Says Super PAC Chief

The president's message is "weak or nonexistent" and is stuck in the past, warns Ed Rollins, chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC.

Donald Trump is in trouble this election unless he dramatically changes his message, warned the head of an influential super PAC supporting the president’s reelection.

The Trump campaign is “adrift,” Ed Rollins, chairman of the Great America PAC, told The Hill in an interview. Its tepid message is stuck in the past, he warned.

Trump’s “message is weak or nonexistent,” said Rollins, who was Ronald Reagan’s campaign director in 1984. “The rambling on about [Joe] Biden and [Nancy] Pelosi or [Hillary] Clinton and [Barack] Obama is old and tired. This needs to be about the future, not the past.”

Trump “needs to show empathy, which he hasn’t, and project strength by doing what Reagan, [Margaret] Thatcher and [Winston] Churchill did with strong speeches — not macho bullshit but thoughtful solutions to serious problems,” Rollins said. “Make people be concerned with what [Democrats] can do with total control of the government: House, Senate and the White House.”

Rollins’s suggestions come as Trump’s poll numbers continue to drop, in job approval, against Biden and even among Republicans.

He last weighed in after Trump’s lackluster rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, greeted by great swaths of empty seats at the BOK Center.

Rollins described Trump’s two-hour speech in Tulsa as “rambling.”

The event was a “disaster, and I think the reality is that it’s not a good way to start a general election campaign,” Rollins told The Daily Beast.

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