Ed Schultz: Ann Coulter Is 'Toxic,' Spreading Misinformation On Radiation (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz called Ann Coulter "toxic" and said that she was spreading misinformation about the health effects of radiation.

Coulter caused controversy by writing a column about the Japanese nuclear crisis, which said that radiation can actually be healthy. She brought up a number of scientific studies which she said concluded that "at some level--much higher than the minimums set by the U.S. government--radiation is good for you," and can even reduce the risk of cancer.

Schultz heaped scorn on this theory on his Friday show.

"A lot of people say Ann Coulter is toxic,' Schultz said. "But we had no idea that she would take that would laugh at her if she wasn't making light of a terrible tragedy."

Schultz said that it was possible that low doses of radiation could be beneficial to peoples' health. But he cited several governmental and international research studies which, he claimed, concluded that the theory needs to be researched more before that conclusion can be definitively made.

Coulter, Schultz continued, "only cares about being provocative so Fox will keep putting her on could write a scientific formula for her: Ann goes on TV. Ann goes off TV. There's always misinformation."

Watch (h/t Mediaite):
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