Ed Schultz Attacks Critics Over Union Report, Boasts He's 'Living Good'

Ed Schultz Is Really Mad

Ed Schultz is not happy about a report on his alleged response to a union battle at NBC, and has claimed that his critics are simply jealous of him.

Salon reported Thursday that the Writers Guild of America–East is seeking the support of MSNBC hosts, included Schultz, in a labor dispute with Peacock Productions, a production unit owned by NBC. Salon's Josh Eidelson said that when asked about a MoveOn.org petition that asked the hosts to meet with the union, Schultz emailed back, "Moveon.org has never been an ally of Ed Schultz, why should I help you with a story? Give me a reason."

Schultz, who has made labor rights a rallying cry on his MSNBC show, hit out against the piece — as well as those who criticized his response and said he has made money off unions — on his radio show Thursday.

He invited listeners to call in with questions, and proceeded to hammer his critics, whom he accused of being jealous of his income and career. Salon transcribed the host's remarks on Friday:

And so that’s where I’m going to leave all the nastiness that is out there,” Schultz went on, “and I’m not going to lower myself to people who just have got employment envy, income envy, exposure envy, platform envy.”

“I become the target because I’m living good," the host claimed. He also accused David Sirota, a former Salon columnist, of criticizing him because he was jealous of Schultz's money and fame. "[You] have had class envy on me for years, that you’re never going to be as big as I am," he said about Sirota.

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