Ed Schultz Begs Anthony Weiner To Resign (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz begged Anthony Weiner to resign on his Wednesday show.

The Weiner scandal is only growing, with Wednesday bringing the release of explicit photos of the Congressman and the news that his wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant. Schultz seemed almost distraught as he opened the show.

"This might not be a very good show for me, because I'm not real happy the way this is unfolding," he said.

Schultz told Weiner, "i hope you're watching tonight." He said the scandal was hurting the liberal movement, and he repeated his opinion that Weiner has become too much of a liability.

"You've become just a tool for the right wing who wants to destroy all of the people who are advocating for the very policies that you fought so hard for!" he said to Weiner (who was probably not watching), shouting the last few words. "Please resign! Please...this is bigger than you."

Schultz also told Weiner, "the fact that your wife is pregnant is awesome!"