Thomas Roberts Challenges Brian Brown, President Of The National Organization For Marriage (VIDEO)

Reverend Al Sharpton was not the only one getting worked up on last night's Ed Show.

Visibly heated, guest host Thomas Roberts interjected several times after Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, characterized marriage equality as a threat to the union of marriage as a whole.

"I don't understand how same-sex marriage is a challenge to YOUR marriage," Roberts stated in response to Brown's claim that gay marriage joins divorce as a threat to all marriages.

"If same-sex marriage hasn't existed alongside divorce, how is it even comparable?" he then asked.

"We can only conceive of same-sex marriage at the point of which we have a broken marriage culture. For eons human beings have understood that there is this uniqueness about marriage -- only this type of union can connect parents with children," Brown said.

"That's off the topic," replied Roberts. "You should be the national organization for good parents then, not the national organization for marriage."

Al Sharpton, Roberts' guest, reminded Brown that it was not the government's role to force citizens to assimilate to their values: "Plenty of us are religious and have our personal feelings, but do we have the right to impose those feelings or do we have the right to instruct people that they have to look at life and look at morality the way we do... that I think is the issue at hand here," he said.

But that did not convince Brown, who said point-blank that same sex marriage is not marriage, " matter if the state says that it is."

"What [same-sex marriage] does is fundamentally re-draws the line, it re-defines marriage, and the consequences are clear," he continued. "We don't want our children being taught in the schools that it's somehow discrimination to stand-up for this truth."

Roberts was quick to correct Brown.

"You don't want them to be taught tolerance!" he said.