Ed Schultz: Chris Christie A 'Cold-Hearted Fat Slob' (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Ed Schultz railed against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Friday night, urging him to "calm down" and calling him a "cold-hearted fat slob" in the process.

Schultz took exception with Christie's political style, saying that he "throws his weight around" and is a "big bully" who often shouts and yells at his constituents or opponents before claiming the moral high ground to shut down discussion.

He added that Christie "hides behind his buddies in the conservative media" — like Glenn Beck, who is his new biggest fan — "and tells his own constituents to sit down and shut up."

"Here's the bottom line: what we're seeing out of this governor of New Jersey is just go to the money, cut whoever you have to cut, there is no ramification for any of this because he's a cold-hearted fat slob anyway," Schultz said. "The bottom line is, when he doesn't like what he hears he accuses the other side of shouting. It's a typical, typical right-wing approach to the competition. And that's how they view their constituents when they don't agree with them."