Ed Schultz Defends Jimmy Hoffa, Goes After Fox News (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz mounted a robust defense of union leader Jimmy Hoffa on his Tuesday show.

Hoffa has been under fire recently after he told a crowd in Detroit to "take out these son-of-a-bitches" in the Tea Party in the 2012 election. Conservatives saw the comments as a call to violence. Schultz did not see it that way.

"Now, this is just Ed talking: I think he's spot on!" he said. "...Hoffa fights fire with fire and this is what I think workers and middle classers in this country want."

Schultz then criticized Fox News for what he called a "fake outrage machine" over the comments. He said the network had selectively edited Hoffa's remarks to remove any reference to voting.

"Mr. Hoffa clearly wasn't calling for violence against the Tea Party," Schultz said. "...This is an ideological war going on in this country and liberals need to fight. Not with guns, not with knives...just do it with the ballot box."

Hoffa appeared on the show after Schultz' monologue. He refused to back down from his comments.