Ed Schultz Endorses Donald Trump--Sort Of (VIDEO)

The election is eons away, but Ed Schultz jumped into the race for the 2012 GOP nomination on Monday to deliver his (most likely not at all) coveted endorsement. The lucky candidate--and the one who will most likely receive the highly-sought-after "Schultz Bump" in every opinion poll--happens to be a man who has not even formally entered the presidential campaign, and may never do so. We refer, of course, to Donald Trump. Schultz was positively giddy and giggly as he enumerated the reasons he was aching for Trump to win the GOP nomination.

"There is no better candidate to represent the current state of the Republican Party, is there?" he said. "...How great would it be to have a Republican candidate who is hated by the party leaders [and] who spends his money and campaign efforts making all of the serious candidates look weak?"