Ed Schultz And Michael Steele Have Shouting Match On Bill Maher (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz and former RNC chair Michael Steele got into a series of shouting matches on Friday's "Real Time With Bill Maher."

The two fought heatedly over the proposed Republican budget, but the biggest clash probably came as Steele and Schultz discussed President Obama and Medicare.

When Bill Maher brought up Sen. Jon Kyl's infamous comment about Planned Parenthood, Steele said that the lie was part of a pattern of "hyperbolic statements on both sides." A little later on, he said that Americans didn't "expect" such statements, "whether it's from Jon Kyl or President Obama."

Schultz, voice booming, angrily cut in. "Don't put President Obama in the same comment with that statement!" he shouted. "Come on...President Obama has never made a comment that compares to that garbage."

Steele then defended Rep. Paul Ryan, who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system for seniors. He said that the plan could work, though he admitted, to much audience noise, that "we don't know yet" what would happen if people used up their $15,000 yearly voucher before the year was up. As Steele talked about the plan, Schultz cut in again.

"I've listened to you, now it's my turn," he said, adding that a voucher would "cheat people." Steele interrupted him, saying, "what proof do you have?" The conversation continued in this vein, with Steele eventually joking that he was going to have to "take [Schultz] out back."

Watch (via Mediaite):