Ed Schultz Attacks Sean Hannity For Saying Obama Didn't Want Bin Laden Killed (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Ed Schulz responded to claims made by conservative talk show host Sean Hannity during his show Wednesday night.

Hannity recently said that if President Barack Obama "had it his way," Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. He also said he thinks he could corroborate this claim with video evidence.

Schultz first took to Twitter to fire back at Hannity and challenged him to "show his tape." Schultz also tweeted that Hannity's tape "doesn't exist," followed by the hash tag, "#obamaderangement." Hannity responded and said, "Ed even u can figure this out, he did NOT support gitmo, EIT, Rendition, without which no Bin laden." His tweet was accompanied by the hash tag, "#obamaderangementsyndrome."

Schultz addressed Hannity on his MSNBC show by first responding to claims made by Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. "I recently read that Bill O'Reilly says that MSNBC doesn't deal in facts," Schultz said. "Well he should check out his own network before he starts throwing out accusations. Bill, tell your buddy Sean Hannity to explain his attack on the Obama administration."

Schultz told Hannity to "stop with the distractions." He played multiple video clips of Obama repeatedly stating his intentions to capture and kill Bin Laden. Schultz said that he had shown his tapes, now wants Hannity to show his. "Your move, Mr. Intellectual Honesty," Schultz said of Hannity.


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