Ed Sheeran’s Bodyguard Humorously Instagrams His Life With The Singer

He only started his account April 7, but it's already gathering a following.

Ed Sheeran is a music superstar. And that means people are clawing at the Grammy winner wherever he goes. But if you want to get your mitts on Sheeran, you’re going to have to go through his bodyguard, Kevin Myers, first. 

Sheeran hired security in 2015 after fans started “getting a little grabby.” Probably a good idea. And if you’re going to have a bodyguard, why not make it one who can entertain you after you’ve spent the day entertaining everyone else?

Myers started an Instagram account on April 7 to document his life as Sheeran’s muscle, and he is certainly entertaining. It doesn’t look like Myers gets to rub shoulders with celebrities very often. He’s usually in the background keeping a close eye on Sheeran, as the photos often hilariously show.

Always. Watching.

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The best thing about this account, though, is the goofy photos of he and Sheeran cheesing for the camera and photobombing one another. It looks like he’s not just Sheeran’s bodyguard; the two of them appear to be the best of friends. 

Worth a follow.

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