Ed Sheeran, 'Lego House': Rupert Grint Stars As Crazed Fan In Friend's Music Video

Rupert Grint Stars As A Crazed Fan In His Friend's Music Video

A couple weeks ago, a gem of a music video appeared on the internet, somewhere far off our radar... on YouTube. Luckily, today a "making of" video materialized, giving us a second chance to acknowledge the fact that Rupert Grint was in a music video.

As loyal a pal in life as he is on screen, Grint stars in his musician-friend (also a ginger) Ed Sheeran's video for "Lego House." Grint plays a crazed stalker obsessed with a rocker named Ed. He chews Eds gum, dresses like him, breaks into his tour bus, and generally behaves appropriately like a stalker. Anyone else and this video would probably just be creepy, but it's Rupert Grint so it's also funny and kind of sweet.

Watch as Grint mouths words that do not look natural coming out of his mouth:

Now see how it all came together:

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