Ed Sheeran's Cheeky Bid For New Zealand Citizenship Gets Surprising Response

"Do you like pineapple lumps?"

Ed Sheeran made a lighthearted bid to become a New Zealand national, and ended up receiving an unexpected reply from the country’s prime minister.

The “Shape of You” singer asked New Zealand’s new leader Jacinda Ardern to grant him citizenship in a recorded video message aired by radio station ZM on Wednesday. The clip was promoting Sheeran’s upcoming gigs there.

“I’m not quite a citizen of New Zealand yet, but I’m working on it,” said Sheeran, a renowned fan of the country. “Hook me up prime minister, please.”

The clip caught Ardern’s attention, and she issued a response, also via ZM.

“I understand you’ve put through a very informal request for citizenship,” Ardern said, before posing Sheeran questions about pineapple lumps and jandals.

The most important question came at the end, however, when she asked Sheeran if he’d “be willing to make New Zealand your home.”

Sheeran hasn’t yet responded. Presumably, he’s thinking out loud.

Check out the videos in the montage above.