Billy Crystal Replacing Eddie Murphy: Before The Oscars, There Was 'SNL' In 1984 (VIDEO)

Billy Crystal replacing Eddie Murphy is nothing new. Even before Crystal was announced as Murphy's replacement at the Oscars this year, the same thing happened on "Saturday Night Live" in 1984.

In this promo for the episode that aired on Dec. 15, 1984, former cast member Eddie Murphy came back to guest host. But by that point, Billy Crystal -- who was already a well-known comedian when he joined the cast of "SNL" -- was the star attraction. The two played this "rivalry" in the commercial, with Murphy telling Crystal, "You're stealing all my glory!" and Crystal daring Murphy to show his face at his old stomping grounds.

The episode was the second time Murphy had hosted "SNL." The first time came when he was still a cast member -- the first and only time such an occurrence has happened.

Does the intersection of Murphy and Crystal's careers 27 years later mean that the two comedians have staying power, or that the Academy is stuck in the past?