See Eddie Redmayne As Lili Elbe In The First Trailer For 'The Danish Girl'

"I think Lili's thoughts. I dream her dreams. She was always there."

In the first trailer for Tom Hooper's "The Danish Girl," Alicia Vikander's Gerda Wegener sketches her husband, played by Eddie Redmayne, in bed as a woman. In the film, Redmayne plays transgender icon Lili Elbe, the first person to undergo successful gender confirmation surgery. Assigned male at birth in Denmark, Elbe visited Berlin in 1930 to undergo several experimental operations. Hooper's film is based on David Ebershoff's 2000 novel, a fictionalized account of Elbe's story.

The trailer shows Gerda asking her husband to pose in a dress for a sketch, followed by the two going out with Lili dressed in women's clothing. But things begin to change after Gerda finds Lili kissing a man (Ben Whishaw) who sees her for who she truly is. "I think Lili's thoughts," Redmayne says as Lili. "I dream her dreams. She was always there."

"The Danish Girl" opens Nov. 27.

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