The Moment Eddie Routh's Parents Learned He Killed ‘American Sniper' Chris Kyle

Jodi and Ray Routh’s son, Eddie, a Marine Corps veteran, was recently convicted of murdering former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle — the man who inspired the movie American Sniper — and Kyle’s friend, Chris Littlefield. The parents say their son, who was suffering from PTSD and severe mental illness, had sought treatment from the VA and was released from the hospital a week before the shootings.

In the video above, Jodi takes Dr. Phil through the moment she found out her son killed Kyle and Littlefield. “Our daughter Laura calls. She is hysterical, and I knew the moment I heard her voice that something really had gone wrong. And she tells me Eddie’s killed two people,” Jodi says. “My heart just kept saying, 'No, no. Eddie could never do this.'”

Jodi says she had a gut feeling who the victims were. “When she told me he was driving a black truck, I knew that truck. I’ve seen it before,” she says. “I knew it was Chris’ truck. I had Chris’ number in my phone, and I dialed it, and no one answered. It was a heart-stopping moment.”

Dr. Phil’s entire interview with the Rouths airs Monday.

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