Taron Egerton And Hugh Jackman On Finding Inspiration And Orgasms In 'Eddie The Eagle'

The new movie about an underdog Olympic ski jumper opened this weekend.

"Eddie the Eagle" is like the "Rudy" of Olympic ski jumping. The new movie, which opened this weekend, chronicles Eddie Edwards, who in 1988 became the first British ski-jumping competitor after virtually no professional training. As Dexter Fletcher's movie has it, Edwards was coached by a former athlete who's now become a washed-up alcoholic. Together, they master the slopes -- or at least enough for "Eddie the Eagle" to become an inspiring little comedy about barreling through adversity.

The Huffington Post sat down with the movie's three main players: Taron Egerton, the "Kingsman: The Secret Service" star who plays Eddie; Hugh Jackman, who portrays the coach; and Fletcher, the "Band of Brothers" actor who also directed 2012's "Wild Bill." See highlights from our chat below, including talk of channeling orgasms and ideal Olympic warm-up songs.

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