Eden Wood, 6-Year-Old Star Of 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' Dresses Up For New York Restaurant Event (PHOTOS, POLL)

Toddlers Out On The Town?!

The pint-sized stars of "Toddlers and Tiaras," that controversial show on TLC about child beauty pageants, looked more like typical Manhattan socialites when they attended the opening of a restaurant in New York City today.

Child beauty queens Isabella Barrett and Eden Wood were done up in makeup and glam clothes to promote Nuchas, a new "Argentine empanadas" restaurant that opened in Times Square.

The pair handed out free empanadas to passerby and posed for photos. Eden, wearing a red dress and tot-sized furry jacket, wore makeup and she puckered her lips at the camera. Isabella, also clad in a fuzzy jacket, wore a tiara and a pageant sash.

The restaurant opening is the latest venture for Eden, whose family is from Arkansas. She "retired" from pageants last season to pursue other interests; since, she's hosted the 2012 Ciccabella fashion show in New York City with Kelly Bensimon, and she was dressed by Marc Jacobs for a Fashion Week event, at an age when most of us were still fingerpainting.

"Toddlers and Tiaras," which chronicles child pageant stars and the often-pushy parents who lavish time and money on the tot's pageant "careers," most recently drew controversy when a 3-year-old girl competed dressed as Julia Roberts' prostitute character from "Pretty Woman." A previous scandal involved a 4-year-old whose mother dolled her up in fake breasts and butt padding to perform a bit as Dolly Parton.

Eden and Isabella are adorable, but we think they look too grown up preening for the camera in adult-style clothes. Then again, it's nothing new for the tots, who are used to competing in more makeup and glitter than most of us wore to prom.

View the photos below and vote below: do you think Eden and Isabella look inappropriately grown up?


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