This Edible Chocolate Manicure Is Too Much

We've reached peak bizarre nail art, people.

Chocolate is great. Nail art is great. Eating is great. Edible chocolate nail art is... not so great.

New Zealand-based nail technician and YouTuber Jessie, who goes by NaileditNZ, recently decided to do something a “wee bit crazy.” In lieu of her typically impressive and very real nail art designs, she posted a parody tutorial for edible chocolate nails.

Using writing icing in dark chocolate, caramel chocolate and white chocolate,as well as silver chocolate balls that are “way too big for the nail,” Jessie actually succeeds in adorning her nails with edible chocolate.

If it’s not the fact that icing belongs on cupcakes that prevents you from trying out this bizarre look, perhaps her drying tactic ― sticking her hand in the freezer to no avail ― will.

Jessie ends up doing exactly what we would do in this situation: eating the icing right off of her fingers, which she says is actually “really nice.”

Anyone else have a sudden hankering for chocolate? Check out the entire video above.

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