Edible Greeting Cards Are Here, In Case You Want To Eat Your Words

Why send an e-mail when you can send an edible one?

It usually goes like this: The mail piles up on the kitchen counter, bills upon bills upon catalogues upon useless flyers all stack up, threatening to spill over onto the floor, until one day you can't take the clutter any longer. You spend your Saturday sorting through junk mail and important mail until the table is clean. Then the cycle begins again.

What if, instead of sorting, shredding and putting yourself at risk for multiple paper cuts, you could eat some of that mail? There's an edible greeting card on the market that fills your tummy, not your table, with a fruity little note.

edible greeting

Eat The Fine Print crafts cards in blueberry, key lime, orange and strawberry flavors. No, taking a bite out of this does not compare to munching on some fresh fruit, but if it's novelty you're after, this card does fit the bill. Each card, which is a bit thicker than a piece of printer paper, is made from a mixture of potato starch, palm oil, fruit extract, sucralose (the artificial sweetener found in Spenda) and food coloring. And if you were concerned, each card contains 42 calories, is vegan, gluten-free, sodium-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Whew.

The card comes wrapped in cellophane (which you should obviously not eat), and you'll need an envelope and stamp to send it on its way, so it's not entirely waste-free. And you'll also need some edible ink to personalize your note; a quick Google search will find you some.

If you're the sentimental type, you might hold on to those handwritten notes and birthday cards from close friends forever. Maybe there's a shoebox tucked away in your closet full of well wishes from 1997. Eating these notes will make you feel even closer to your loved ones, as they'll be a part of you forever (or until ... the card is fully digested). You can find out how to get your tastebuds on some mail here.

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