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Edibles Go To New Heights With 'Cold-Stoned' Ice Cream Sundae


Every day, the number of options for weed edibles grows greater and greater. Gone are the days of eating your friend's homemade, who-knows-how-strong pot brownies. Today, weed edibles have found their home in deluxe bakeries and even -- wait for it -- ice cream factories. (Yes, we may have squealed a little, too.) There may be no better way for cannabis users to get high than with an ice cream sundae -- in states where that's legal, of course.

Cannabis Creamery, based in California, is an ice cream factory that makes pot head dreams come true. Abdullah Saeed of the Vice Munchies show Bong Appetit spent the day with Cannabis Creamery founder Isaac Lappert, and got incredibly stoned with the help of some award-winning mint chip, an over-the-top banana split, and a bear claw ice cream sandwich. Plus many joints.

Watch the Munchies video above to witness Saeed's journey, and for secrets on how to make a batch of THC-infused ice cream at home. But be warned: weed in ice cream hits faster than other edibles because it doesn't take your body as long to digest. It just might get you stoned faster than you can even finish your banana split.

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