Edie Falco's Son Thinks Everyone Is Adopted

"Nurse Jackie" actress, Edie Falco, told Anderson Cooper on Thursday that her adopted son, also named Anderson, thinks everyone else was adopted, too.

"My son says, 'So then the lady has the baby in her belly,' and then I said, 'And when the baby comes out she gives the baby to the mommy,'" Falco said.

Anderson, 8, and his younger sister Macy, 4, were both adopted. Falco says she'll let them stick to the "everyone's adopted" theory for awhile. "The fact that some of the ladies keep the babies for their own. We will get to that.”

Eventually, when she does explain how other families are made, Falco says she isn't worried about how her kids will react. "The second you are handed a newborn it is yours. It doesn’t matter what body it came out of. I’ve never felt more strongly about anything in my life," she said.

Falco admits that she never thought of adoption before the time came when she wanted to have kids. "At that time I was single and the idea to adopt came to me. I never really thought about all of the ramifications. I just knew this is what’s happening. It’s only as I travel through I realize each challenge comes up and you deal with it as you get to it," she told Cooper.