University Of Memphis Allows Gay Couple To Join Its Rec Center After Outcry (VIDEO)

When University of Memphis student Edie Love tried to buy a family pass to the school's rec center, officials turned her away. Love is gay, and her nontraditional marriage did not meet the rec center's definition of a legal union -- a requirement for a pass.

However, after a wave of media coverage and calls for action via Facebook, the university has moved to change its policy, the Memphis Commercial Appealreports:

It will take a few days to finalize the language in the new policy, and a few more days to get the new policy on the university's website, [university counsel Sheri] Lipman said, but she's already instructed the student rec center to begin accepting the new memberships.

Love, who learned of the decision after she'd met with Lipman on Wednesday morning, is elated and expects her children and her wife to be in the pool by the end of the week.

Tennessee does not recognize same-sex couples by law.

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WATCH: Local news report on the story: