Edinson Volquez's Father Died Before Game 1 Of The World Series

There are conflicting reports as to whether the pitcher knew while he was playing.

Kansas City Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez's father died at the age of 63 before Game 1 of the World Series.

ESPN Deportes was the first to report the news on Tuesday evening.

ESPN's Enrique Rojas said that the pitcher's father, Daniel Volquez, died of "heart disease complications" in the Dominican Republic. 

Ken Rosenthal, Fox's field reporter, said that the broadcast would not report on the news as long as Volquez was still pitching during the game.

Rosenthal later confirmed the news of the death on air in the top of the eighth inning, after Volquez was taken out of the game. Kansas City's PR team told Fox that Volquez's wife requested to not inform him.

It's unclear whether Volquez was aware of reports of his father's death while he was on the field. ESPN reported that he'd been told the news, while the Washington Post and MLB Network reported the opposite:

Volquez allowed three runs over six innings for Kansas City. The Royals won 5-4 in extra innings

UPDATE Oct 28: (8:12 a.m.) At the request of his wife, Volquez was not informed about his father's death until after he finished pitching the game, according to Yahoo! Sports. He left the ballpark shortly after hearing the news from his family in the team clubhouse. 


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