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Edivv Launches Online Swap Service For Those Beauty Samples You Don't Want


Getting beauty subscription boxes from Birchbox and Curlbox every month is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But sometimes, you come across a few samples that leave you feeling less than impressed. Well, eDivv is here to keep you from hoarding or chucking (oh, the horror!) those goods.

As an online trading epicenter, eDivv provides beauty fanatics a space to barter their unwanted samples. The way eDivv works is through the Divvy process, in which users upload pictures of their products, then request, offer and decline a variety of items. Divvied up (hehe) into sections like skincare and fragrance, the site is easy to navigate for exactly what you need or want.

When an exchange is final, the sending parties do have to pay shipping fees. However, there is no membership cost so anyone can sign up for free! While this is a great service, we have to ask, how can we be sure these samples are legit or safe? Guess that’s the risk you have to take, for beauty’s sake at least.

Will you be joining this online beauty swap meet?

(h/t: Refinery29)


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