Edmund Morris Swears On 'Face The Nation' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Famed Historian SWEARS On 'Face The Nation'

It's not often that swearing pops up on the staid Sunday talk shows, but presidential biographer Edmund Morris managed to get bleeped by the censors when he called a question "bullshit" on CBS' "Face the Nation" this Sunday.

Morris was on the show to discuss American politics and his new biography of Theodore Roosevelt. (Arianna Huffington was also on the panel.) Host Bob Schieffer asked him what he thought Roosevelt would make of today's politics. Morris, who had also rejected a similar question earlier in the show, bridled and told Schieffer the question was inappropriate:

"You keep asking these presentist questions Bob. As the immortal Marisa Tomei said in My Cousin Vinny, 'that's a bullshit question!' because you cannot pluck people out of the past and expect them to comment on what's happening today."

Schieffer, though he was likely surprised by the language, seemed to take it in his stride, and the conversation moved on.

Watch (exchange starts at around 10:16):

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