Edmund Padilla, Gay Filipino Teen, Scalded With Boiling Water By Father Erano (VIDEO)

Gay Filipino Teen Scalded With Boiling Water By Father

A Filipino teen has become the victim of a horrifying, allegedly homophobia-fueled attack by his own father.

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch (PLHCW) is now demanding justice for 19-year-old Edmund Padilla, who allegedly suffered severe burns after his father Erano scalded him with boiling water. Erano, who has since been detained and was reportedly drunk at the time of the attack, told authorities he committed the crime after Edmund turned out to be the third of his children who identified as gay.

Reighben Labilles, PLHCW spokesperson, has slammed the attack, according to Queerty:

"We plead to the government to initiate proactive programs that provides parents and LGBT children the opportunities to promote freedom of expression of sexuality and gender. In a free society, the parents should respect the rights of their LGBT and stop altogether corporal punishment. We are born this way and you cannot punish us to change our sexuality.

Since Edmund Padilla is already 19 years old, he may no longer be covered by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and our national child protection laws, yet we fear that so many violent acts perpetrated by parents and legal guardians against their LGBT children go unreported. It is so urgent for Congress to find ways to protect sons and daughters of whatever age from family-based violence and the Convention is a good place to start."

Watch a Filipino news report on the attack (without subtitles) below (WARNING: contains graphic images):

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