Eduardo Cornejo, NYPD Officer, Arrested At Citi Field For Trespassing To Get Better Seat

The next time you're at a ball game and thinking of surreptitiously grabbing a vacant seat rows ahead, remember the tale of NYPD officer Eduardo Cornejo, who did just that and was arrested on Wednesday evening at Citi Field.

Cornejo, who was not on-duty at the time, was unsatisfied with his originally purchased seat and spotted an opportunity to watch the Mets lose to the Cincinnati Reds in a better seat, only to be quickly confronted by security who caught the officer trying to sneak about.

The 30-year old NYPD officer refused to return back to his purchased seat and was subsequently handcuffed and charged with criminal trespass.

Gothamist notes that although Cornejo may have been in the wrong, his reported 9:30PM arrest means security spotted him at the tail end of a poorly attended baseball game. So why all the fuss, especially considering the Mets are literally giving away tickets for free these days?

And anyway, trying to sneak into a better seat is a classic move at any baseball game. Watch Larry David get similarly refused a vacant baseball seat below: