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10 Eduardo Galeano Quotes That Will Change The Way You View Human History

Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano will be best remembered for his 1971 cri de coeur “Open Veins Of Latin America,” in which he analyzed the effects of colonialism and imperialism in the region during the last 500 years.

The award-winning journalist and author died on Monday in Montevideo, El Pais reported. He was 74.

Galeano’s anti-imperialist work was published just two years before separate right-wing military dictatorships took hold of Uruguay and Chile, later followed by Argentina. “Open Veins” was banned in all three countries for over a decade , and its author was arrested and exiled from his native Uruguay.

Since then, Galeano has continued to write books with a clever look into human history, including “Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History” and “Mirrors: Stories Of Almost Everyone.”

In honor of the author’s memory, we’ve gathered 10 quotes that will inspire you to view human history and the written word in a different light:

Opening to “Open Veins of Latin America.”

From “Days And Nights of Love and War."

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