Educating Ghana: Help Teach From Your Phone

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Once upon a time in a small Ghanaian village called Abenta, children could only learn when the sun was out. The lack of shelter meant any wind or rain in sight meant class was over. That was just a few years ago, but Village By Village fixed it. They rebuilt the school and, now, classes can take place whatever the weather. You can do your bit now, without breaking the bank and by volunteering just a couple of minutes. Get the Elbi app and you can help their education directly from your iPhone, just by drawing a letter from A to Z. Doing your bit really is that quick.

Here's how it works
  1. You draw and decorate a letter of the alphabet
  2. Your picture goes to Abenta and the kids use your letters to make words
  3. They send you a picture back of what they did, and you feel amazing

You don't have to give a single dime and you're making a real difference to the improvement of education in this small village in Ghana. Of course, you can donate if you like, just tap the Love Button in the Elbi app and you'll send a dollar to Village By Village and support their amazing work. But if you can't right now, your drawing is still going to make such a difference.

Here are some letters from Elbi's early birds this morning...


Watch: The story of how Village By Village built Abenta Junior High...

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