Wealth of Intelligence Can Lead to the Wealth of a Nation

Adam Smith, the creator of political economy wrote the Wealth of Nations. Wealth of Nations was the first written doctrine on how a nation can gain wealth and the practice of free markets. Philosophies like 'Division of Labor' and 'Market Price of Commodities' have shaped economic thought since 1776. His work has driven the world into a successful Industrial Revolution. His theories are very much relevant to this day but we are in an age where more is necessary. In this era of globalization and technology, education and intelligence is what sets people apart in the today's workforce. We live in an age where information is in absolute abundance. Billions of people have access to a world of knowledge at the touch of their hands through smartphones and tablets. But with all of this information and knowledge there is very little understanding.

The United States currently ranks first in GDP with $15 trillion in market value of all goods and services, twice that of China. Our education rankings aren't matching up with the amount were spending which means we have a nation of spenders and not a nation of creators. We currently rank 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 30th in math globally. These stats are well known and constantly mentioned but we believe that our government is supposed to solve this problem. Our government has had several failed education policies and reform like the No Child Left Behind Act, I feel that it is time for us to create solutions as parents, family members, educators and people who genuinely care about the future of children. Our education issue isn't one that can be fixed through policy, it is one that needs to be resolved through cultural change.

Here in America we need to change the attitude and culture of education. In harsh economic times it is easy to overlook what's happening in schools because we are trying to make ends meet now -- but the education of children and young adults creates solutions to many of our problems. We need to refocus our attention on school and its importance. We have to create a culture where education is of utmost significance and that it is the key to economic freedom and success in this country. Respect and collaboration with our nation's educators is necessary. They are the vehicles to our country's future because of their influence on our young ones. But we can't leave it all up to them; a thirst for knowledge and curiosity has to be created in the home and community. Holding all of our children and parents accountable and encouraging learning will create a healthy environment for academic success.

The idea that all children and young adults can't succeed is asinine. If there is a culture in place that expects success by everyone and that is constantly reverberated by media and public figures, it will make it 'popular' to do well. Our youth are sponges and if put in the right direction by the world around them can accomplish great things. If we have a nation of thinkers instead of a nation of 'acceptors' there will be less dependency on the government and there will be more innovation and collaboration. If we increase the number of thinkers in this country we can have millions of Mark Zuckerbergs and Elon Musks who can have marvelous contributions to this world.

Innovations in technology, energy, health, finance and manufacturing is well in the reach of our children and will create jobs and wealth. A wealth of intelligence in this country will ultimately lead to nation of wealth for all.