Education Reform Is Becoming a Revolution

Our voices matter because we are the most heavily affected by choices made in education policy and curriculum. I refuse to be simply a number who passed all of his End of Instruction tests (EOIs) and met the requirements. Without voices, we can give no feedback on the effectiveness of the system. Recently more students have been voicing their thoughts and ideas on education and it would be safe to say not many praise the secondary educational experience. There are exceptions out there. I am one of them partially; junior year I began to attend a Pre-Engineering Academy that supplemented my public schooling. This got me through high school without being absolutely bored.

Slowly over time, I have begun to gain a stronger voice on educational reform which is now switching to a revolution. Early on in my education, I went through the motions and never really questioned my schooling. I was learning because it was required and not because I wanted to. Sure, there were a handful of classes that broke the mold. It wouldn't be until senior year that I took my education into my own hands. Engineering Design and Development was a research capstone class at my Pre-Engineering Academy that planted the seed for me to begin "hacking my education."

I have taken steps to surround myself with a community of self-directed learners, creators, doers, and entrepreneurs. Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend Uncollege's Hackademic in San Francisco, California. Over the course of a weekend we collaborated on ideas and learned about issues we face in education today. Dale Stephens the "Chief Educational Deviant" behind Uncollege just released his first book, Hacking Your Education. I was introduced to Student Voice through searching for a place students could have a VOICE. My journey since speaking out and taking control has led to a more productive year than all 18 years combined before now. I would not be composing this if it weren't for my belief in the importance of at least forming personal thoughts on education. Every student should be aware of what they are learning and why. Pondering education is as important as thinking about your moral standpoints in life. Education is a powerful tool to take one places never imagined.

On Saturday, April 13th, 2013 more than 200 students and their supporters will join together in NYC at Student Voice Live! -- a student summit created by and for students presented by Dell. Students will be provided with the tools and support to share their voices and to help create change in issues of importance. Join the conversation via livestream on 4/13 at and follow #StuVoice and @Stu_Voice on Twitter.