Education To Employment: Why Global Employers Can't Find Skilled Workers While 75 Million Youth Remain Jobless (VIDEO WEBCAST)

Around the world, governments and businesses face a conundrum: high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with critical skills.

Couple that with research findings that 34 percent of young Americans don't believe that education matters for their future, and 40 percent of those "too cool" for school are unemployed. Another 33 percent are in "interim" positions, according to a recent report by McKinsey, a consulting firm.

And those "cool kids," New York City's Shawn Brody told The Huffington Post last week, are the same ones who are upset about their lack of employment opportunities. Brody himself is a high school dropout, and now crashes with his dad in Brooklyn and switches between construction and farm jobs, sometimes cleaning up after animals on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

"We're so caught up in other s***," he said of his millennial peers. "They just want everything for nothing."

How can a country successfully move its young people from education to employment? What are the challenges? Which interventions work? How can these be scaled up? Watch the webcast below to follow a discussion led by experts tackling those very questions.



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