Help Me Help Them

This morning I watched a video Kid President made where he helped organize a retirement party for a first grade teacher who was retiring. I suggest you watch it, but be warned, it tugs at every damn heartstring you have.

The video got me thinking about the absolutely insane responsibility it is be an educator. I've only been at this for four months and already I have been tested physically, intellectually, emotionally and even religiously. I was sitting with a few friends yesterday and when I was describing the barrel of laughs and cries that it was to be in special education they could only look on in disbelief.

"Why do this to yourself?" I feel like ever teacher has been asked that at one point as they grade mountains of papers or spend all night thinking about their curriculum. The truth is that there is something in almost every teacher I have ever met, a drive to make real impacts on children. A little tick in them that pushes them beyond the capabilities of regular human empathy to try and build amazing productive members of society.

That is why I am picking this blog back up. I'm still green behind the ears but I am hoping to live up to the incredible standard the educators in my school and others have set, but I need your help. I'll be keeping everything anonymous from here on out, but dear readers, you and I are in this together. We are going to embark on a journey to ensure I leave a positive impact on every child.

A wise beyond her years educator once told me "teaching is 90% copy and improve." I'm hoping to hear your takes on issues I am having in the classroom, thoughts I have on the larger education world and maybe even my own sanity once in a while. Here's to a new year of transformational change!