Edward Enninful Twitter Rant After 'Racist' Seating Debacle At Couture Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Looks like Jourdan Dunn wasn't the only one whose feathers got ruffled during Paris Couture Fashion Week. On Tuesday, W Magazine's fashion and style director Edward Enninful was attending a show (although we're not sure which one) and found himself in a precarious position: the second row. It's a well known fact that the front row is reserved for fashion's top editors/directors, Hollywood's biggest stars and other VIPs -- hence Edward's dismay, which he vented via Twitter:

Eek! And he's got a point. There are too many stories about inequality and insensitivity due to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and with Edward's stellar career it just doesn't make sense.

The miffed fashion bigwig eventually let his Twitter followers know that he didn't take his seating assignment:

Let's hope that means Edward got the front row seat he deserved, rather than just leaving. But what's a Fashion Week without some drama? We're just glad this one didn't result in bodily harm and a lawsuit (we can't make this stuff up).



Racially Charged Magazine Drama