Florida Man Accused Of Hurling His Glass Eye At ER Doctor, Nurse

He allegedly said, “I can do whatever I feel like doing,” before tossing the eyeball.

Now we’ve seen everything.

A Florida man is facing a charge of battery after police said he pulled out his glass eye while in a hospital and then hurled it at a doctor and nurse, according to WTSP.

The suspected “glasshole” is Edward Michael Dorsey, a 54-year-old living in Largo, Florida.

Dorsey was arrested on a domestic battery charge earlier that morning that may have been influenced by drugs and alcohol, according to The Smoking Gun. 

Officers took Dorsey to a local hospital to be evaluated by emergency room staff. Hewas about to be discharged and taken to the Pinellas County Jail for booking.

That’s when he took out his glass eye, even though hospital personnel and a police officer told him not to.

According to the police report, Dorsey ignored those orders and said, in true Florida man style, “I can do whatever I feel like doing.”

He then allegedly hurled the glass eye at the ER doctor and nurse, but it is unclear whether it hit anyone.

Still, the officers tacked on a charge of battery on an emergency medical care provider to the existing domestic battery charge.

Dorsey is currently behind bars on $30,000 bail, $5,000 of which is for the allegedly eye-tossing incident.

Jail records indicate that the suspect has the words “Dorsey Touch” tattooed on his forearm.



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