Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros' 'Man On Fire' Music Video A Tribute To NYC Dancers

The new video for "Man On Fire" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros-- directed by Brady Corbet (who starred in both "Melancholia" and "Martha, Marcy, Mae, Marlene") and with help from "Girls" cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes-- may just be the sweetest of the summer.

Watch below as the breezy folk tune is set to a variety of dances, all performed on location by a diverse and young group of New York City dancers from the Double Dutch Junior and Senior Leagues, Mario Gomez and The Junior Destiny All Stars, the Long Island Cheer Gym, the New York Cheer Senior Elite, the Brooklyn Divas, the Soul Steps Studio, from the Brownsville Rec Center, teenage tumbler Josh Cooper, and more.

And after the song's bridge-- which heartwarmingly features proud parents and coaches looking on as the kids perform -- there's an appearance from none other than the New York City ballet.