Edward Snowden's Girlfriend Lives With Him In Moscow, Film Reveals

Amongst the many revelations in the new documentary on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is one that may seem of lesser consequence, but indeed is worth noting. Snowden's life in exile is actually pretty good.

Snowden, currently living in Moscow, was joined there in June by his girlfriend Lindsay Mills, The Intercept reports.

'Citizenfour', the new film by Laura Poitras that premiered Friday evening at the New York Film Festival, gives the first detailed look at the man who outed the extent of surveillance tactics used by the NSA, other intelligence agencies, as well as some technology and communication companies. The first-hand footage shows how Snowden worked with journalists to disclose what he had learned as a NSA contractor, but also shows what life has been like for him following the disclosures that sparked an international debate over privacy.

The film depicts Snowden living a life that is "fulfilling and rewarding" with his girlfriend in Moscow, according to the Intercept. He feels rewarded by the debate that his revelations ignited, and continues to discuss and write on matters of privacy and surveillance.

Not much had been heard from his long-time girlfriend, and there have been rumors that Snowden deserted Mills, the Guardian notes. The two had previously been living together in Hawaii, where Snowden worked as an NSA contractor.

The Intercept argues that the lifestyle now lived by Snowden in Moscow disrupts the perception whistleblowers are doomed to lead "miserable lives," an idea the U.S. government would prefer so as to deter others who might be inspired to disclose sensitive information. "Snowden not only changed how the world thinks," Glenn Greenwald writes for The Intercept, "but then was able to build a happy, healthy and fulfilling life for himself."

'Citizenfour' premiered at the New York Film Festival on Friday and will be in theaters October 24th. See the trailer for 'Citizenfour' here.



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