Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden's Leak To Guardian 'Is Basically Done'

Glenn Greenwald hinted on Monday that Edward Snowden has leaked all of the documents that he intended to pass on to news outlets.

Snowden, who is currently holed up in Moscow's airport, has so far given top-secret National Security Agency files to four outlets: the Guardian, the Washington Post, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post and, as of Monday, Germany's Der Spiegel, which published an explosive story about the extent of NSA spying in Europe.

On Sunday, WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange, whose organization has been assisting Snowden, told ABC News that there was nothing anybody could do to stop the release of more documents. But Greenwald tweeted on Monday that essentially everything that could be leaked from Snowden to the media has been leaked:

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Greenwald expanded on his previous tweet:

I didn't say Snowden couldn't leak more documents if he wanted to. Obviously, he can do so if he's inclined. That's obvious.

What I said is that he's not doling out documents to us in drips & drabs. He gave us all the documents he provided to us weeks ago. That process is done. And we - not he - are the one deciding which of those gets published and which don't, and in what order. That's what this meant: "Snowden's leak is basically done. It's newspapers - not Snowden - deciding what gets disclosed and in what sequence."

NOTE: This post's headline has been updated to reflect Greenwald's new comments.



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