Edwards Affair: A Hard Lesson For the Left Half of the Blogosphere

Are you still ignoring the story?

Do you understand how the news cycle works yet?

Have you apologized to Lee Stranahan yet?

Let me be clear, I don't find affairs to be news. I certainly don't find the marriages of others to be the type of thing we should all hold up and ridicule or praise or even care about.

What I do find disturbing is when a blogger went after a story, his own cut him down because they didn't want to hear what *might* be true.

How many of you held back with Larry Craig? How about Haggard? Mark Foley?

You didn't. You all went nuts typing away and suddenly, like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, you're caught.

Welcome to the big time, bloggers.

This is called journalism. You might like to call it citizen journalism, but it's journalism none-the-less.

In breaking news situations many outlets get it wrong at first. ALL THE TIME. That's why it's breaking news. It changes.

Some stories get printed prematurely and some too late. And many stories get "mentioned" as a way of giving a nod to the rumors, without reporting on it directly until confirmed.

Go ahead and watch and read the Main Stream for a bit. I'll wait.

Took me awhile to catch-on myself, thinking I was just writing opinion pieces that didn't need much but...my opinion.

Then the world put down their newspaper and started reading blogs.

Enter the world of "obligation" for bloggers and their communities

Obligation and accountability.

The left needed to be ahead of this story, and had the opportunity to be -- but chose instead to get defensive and nasty (another great blogging trait) to those who dare speak about it's possibility.

While the web has given voice to millions, it's also going to show very quickly how many of you in those millions are worth listening too.

Now I'm off to read more about Obama and Exxon donations and hope it's not worthy of a post, but I certainly won't be afraid or begrudge you if you type away.

Erin Kotecki Vest is on her last hours of a trip to Detroit, Michigan where she saw family and drove a Ford Mustang and had to fight off her republican kin with Obama's New Energy for America plan.