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Eerie Interiors

Halloween is one of the cheesiest traditions. That's right, cheesy. It is supposed to be scary, yet somehow it turns into a cheesefest, stinky enough to make Switzerland proud.
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Halloween is one of the cheesiest traditions. That's right, cheesy. It is supposed to be scary, yet somehow it turns into a cheesefest, stinky enough to make Switzerland proud.

From the barely-there costumes that don't even constitute clothing to the most generic costumes of all time, Halloween has become one big commercialized shindig. Basically, it's enough to make the headless horseman shiver in his headless grave. Oh! Nurses, and chick magnets, and superheroes, oh... fuck me! And, since when did dressing as a bloody tampon constitute as a costume? Humans dressed as vaginal massacres are not costume-worthy, people.

Rather, take another approach to Halloween to make it edgy versus cliché. We're talking more Adams Family than Modern Family. Ditch those lame cobwebs and "scary" plastic zombies for sophisticated and sultry décor. To get this look, opt for dark colors, anything that resembles a dead body, and candle-lit ambience.


For a recent project, outlined in the concept board above, our client wanted help finding the perfect, if not jarring, finishing touches for her family room. She wanted a space that would be dark and cozy in the winter with stimulating artwork that leaves you feeling just the slightest bit unsettled. For a modern approach to gothic interiors, we opted for industrial pieces like this chandelier and ergonomic wire chair. The most straightforward way to achieve this look is through artwork. Who better to take inspiration from than Francis Bacon, the shrill master himself?

Beauty is objective; dark interiors can be beautiful too. Just because your interiors are dark, doesn't mean they need a dose of antidepressants. Somber interiors evoke different emotions like deep, introspective thinking. Coat those walls of yours in the perfect shade of charcoal gray. Go for rich, luxurious upholstery pieces in deep tones like forest green and Russian navy. But don't stop there. Your walls can't be the only sinister element in the room, they need some help from the décor.

When we refer to anything that resembles a dead body, that doesn't mean that we are in any way suggesting that you murder your cat and stuff Fluffy as a decorative accessory. We are merely saying that skulls can be used in a contemporary way- less gothic and more cool. Skulls make both interesting wall and shelf décor. So, go for a metallic or neon resin sculpture or a little framed print. And if all else fails, get medieval on that shit and learn a little anatomy under candlelight glow.

Why man invented electrical light is unbeknownst to us. Frankenstein would have been significantly more hideous under modern day fluorescent lighting. Everyone knows that candlelight is more flattering to the complexion. Not fair, Frankenstein. You have two choices here, folks: you can go all out gothic or take inspiration from the Adams' dining table for a more contemporary feel. Either way, the more candles, the better.

Let's do the world a favor and bring dignity back to Halloween, starting with eerie interiors.